Quality Policy

Biodistribuciones Terra is an organization dedicated to the production and commercialization of gluten-free food, complying with the requirements of the GFCO, certifying entities, government agencies, current legal regulations and seeking to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. We focus on satisfying the needs of our customers based on our corporate values, which allow business growth, motivating the personal and professional development of each of our employees.

We offer services that allow us to build excellent relationships with our stakeholders, having a context of the organization based on strategic planning, through continuous improvement of processes, with a trained, committed and motivated staff, always complying with legal requirements on issues of safety and health at work, and other requirements that the organization has as a reference.

We have safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and health deterioration, taking into account employee consultation and participation.

Likewise, the organization expresses its interest and commitment to allocate the necessary human, technical and financial resources for the design, implementation and continuous improvement of the Management System, in order to minimize risks and prevent injuries to employees, visitors, mitigate accidents at the workplace, and prevent accidents at the workplace.