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Karavansay is a Colombian brand that since 2008 produces healthy food and is certified in gluten free and Kosher. The company is focused in given please and wellness throughout the food. We made and distribute mixes, grains, snacks, flours and healthy fats such a clarified butter, ghee, and virgin coconut oil. We also are certified in ISO 9001:2015 and the company has FDA register.

Karavansay is not only a company that sales in the Colombian market, but you can also find our products in Panama and The United States of America in Amazon and other specialized markets in Florida. In the following link you can go to find our Amazon Market:

Our Brand

Karavansay uses raw materials from all over the world, the main suppliers are located in the Colombian market and other countries like Canada, Brazil, Vietnam, Bolivia and Peru. Our catalog has more than 50 items and all the packages are in Spanish and English with all the nutritional information and recipes. We also attend the institutional market with bags since 25 pounds. We can do your own brand.

Our production and sales have been increased year to year and we are in the process to automatize our production lines. Our brand promotes a healthy life style and we aim our efforts to educate our customers and workers in the consume of natural food.

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    PBX: (60-1) 7031240

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    Cra. 27 #68-73
    Bogotá. D.C. – Colombia