Tropical Ghee Clarified Butter (coconut) x 200g

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It is obtained from the clarification process of unsalted butter with the perfect mix of 100% natural coconut oil. After this treatment, the butter can be kept without refrigeration for up to two years.

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Glass jar x 200G


It is a fat, it is used in cooking, it replaces vegetable oil and margarines, lactose-free, gluten-free, preservative-free. It brings a special flavor and shine to meals and is 100% natural. No chemical additives or artificial preservatives. It has a two-year shelf life and does not require refrigeration. It has a high smoke or smoke point, which makes it resistant to high temperatures and does not burn. The Indian journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Health Sciences says that ghee contains butyric acid; a short-chain fatty acid that gives it a distinctive flavor and can aid digestion. KOSHER certified.

Ways of use

Replaces oil, butter and margarine in cooking. Ideal for cooking, for pastries, frying or sautéing, sautéing, spreading and greasing your pans, air fryer or grill.


Unsalted cow’s butter or pasteurized milk cream and 100% natural coconut oil.


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